You are a Badass Witch

You are a Badass Witch

The other day I went to one of my favorite book stores to buy a new comic book. Or a new piece of poetry. Theoretically a zine, but I’ve never quite gotten into zines. They don’t look cool on bookshelves and I’m all about that bookshelf aesthetic. I wanted something short and easily digestible because, even though I’m in the middle of, like, twelve books right now, all of which are amazing, I’m having trouble actually reading any of them. I fall asleep two pages in or I look at the stack of books I have in front of me and it doesn’t feel like the right moment for any of them, so I just don’t. read.

And it sucks.

So a Moon Palace trip was in order.

Of course, I wound up buying three books and had to mentally restrain myself from getting more. (For the curious, I wound up with Registers of Illuminated Villages - Tarfia Faizullah, The Heart Goes Last - Margaret Atwood, and Monstress: Vol. 3, Marjorie Liu).

But there was something else that got me on this trip. I kept circling back to the front of the store, rather foolishly trying to pretend that I was looking at the books by a set of votive candles which featured popular culture icons instead the classical saints votives normally have on them.

There were four choices: Hermione Granger, Dolly Parton, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Princess Leia. They were $20 a piece and, although I definitely did not need a $20 candle, I kept circling back, my mind slipping back to the episode of Happier in Hollywood that I recently listened to in which they talked about intention candles.

Intention candles - for the uninitiated - are candles that you light and leave lit until they burn out of their own accord. You light the candle with a specific intention and then you work your ass off to accomplish that intention before the candle burns out. I think it’s supposed to be kind of spiritual, but for me it’s the hour glass effect. I’ve been living a relatively complacent lifestyle lately and I could use the kick in the ass of a candle that keeps measuring time even on the days that I’m slacking off.

So I bought one.

I ruled Dolly Parton out immediately (she’s great, but I don’t think I could even name one of her songs) and then I stared at Leia, Buffy, and Hermione for ten minutes, trying to figure out which one of those badass ladies could best inspire me to accomplish my goals.

Hermione won out, which is obvious if you read the title of this post. She won partially because I’m interested in trying out some witchy stuff in my mostly non-existent spiritual practice, partially because I’m every bit the book nerd that she is, and partially because her work ethic is second to none. And maybe having a patron saint surrounded by books will inspire me to finally go to the damn library and get myself a library card. I’ve lived in this place for five months now. It is time.

As I lit the candle, I repeated to myself a mantra: You are a badass witch.

On the off chance that you love these candles as much as I do,  here  is the website where I found them.

On the off chance that you love these candles as much as I do, here is the website where I found them.

And hopefully that’s what I will be.

The candle only lasts seven days, so I’m not going to use it for the career move that I need to make sometime in my near future, but I will use it as an inspiration to tap into my long dormant spirituality and as a reminder that I have a hustle like Hermione’s that should be pushing me to do everything that I want to do: from volunteering, to creating, to spending quality time with my friends and family.

I am a badass witch.

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